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We provide Big IT Services for Small to Medium Businesses (SMB).  All the large industry trusted vendors always seem to forget the little guys. We have found that small to medium businesses (SMB) have a lot of the same computing, security, compliance, monitoring and reporting needs as large enterprises do with only a fraction of the budget. Over the years we have found wide range of services and applications from small vendors and open source projects that can provide all the services typically reserved for the enterprise.

Managed IT Services:

No one plan fits every small businesses needs. With an on-site interview driven assessment, we can provide you with a managed services plan custom tailored to fit your businesses needs.

Network Architecture and Implementation:

Starting from scratch? Moving to a new location? Or Worse…. Living with an old outdated infrastructure with a rat’s nest of cabling going who knows where? No problem! We can design and implement your data network from scratch or make sense of a network gone wild.

Business Class WIFI:

It’s time to get rid of your consumer grade home router. Commercial grade wireless access points can provide much more comprehensive coverage and better throughput than the router and WIFI that is provided by your ISP.


I you are looking to embrace the cloud and don’t don’t know where to start. Let us help you get on the right path. Whether you’re looking to move existing resources to the cloud or starting out with a new project, we can help. Azure, Mircosoft365, Digital Ocean, AWS and others offer endless capabilities to suite your needs.

Backup and Recovery Solutions:

You never know when hardware may fail. Ransomware is always around the corner. Living at the coast we deal with major storms on a regular basis. You never know when a disaster may strike. There is no substitution to having a good reliable back system in place. Whether your looking for on-premise, cloud or better yet a hybrid backup system. We can help you design and implement a system that is right for your business.


Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention/Detection, Endpoint protection, Anti-Spam, etc. real time Monitoring and Reporting are all important tools in any security arsenal. We can design and implement a custom security infrastructure that’s right for your business that includes all the strategies for a multi-layered defense posture.  But lets not forget the most important security tools of all…. Your employees. They are your first line of defense but are often overlooked. When it comes to the security of your network and data your employees can be your biggest risk or your greatest asset. Regular security awareness training is essential for closing this highly exploited security gap.